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SisterNews.net gathers and distributes news, opinion and information in the public media and on the web about Catholic Sisters and Nuns in the United States. Most content is now found on the Sister News Facebook page, rather than on this website.  Find SisterNews on Facebook. 

When there is a lot of news about Catholic Sisters and Nuns in the US, such as during meetings of the LCWR, then there will be more frequent postings here. Those links can always be found on the SisterNews Facebook page as well. If you are on Facebook, just follow us there. Find SisterNews on Facebook.

We do not usually accept comments, photos, original articles or editorials. We also do not publish anonymous items, so if we are unable to ascertain the identity of an author, it will not appear here. If you find a signed article, opinion piece, document or video about Catholic Sisters or Nuns, send the link to us at contactsisternews@gmail.com.   Thank you!

If you sent in a suggestion and it didn’t appear in the next edition of Sister News, click here for possible reasons.

SisterNews.net is not an official page or publication of LCWR or of any religious congregation or entity.

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