2.19.2013 Sister News Midweek

(TV report & panel interview) How Will Pope Benedict XVI be judged? on Up w/ Chris Hayes at MSNBC (10:39 video, panel includes Mary Hughes OP)

(TV video) Nun: Roman Catholic  church is last bastion of sexism on MSNBC (5:02 video interview with Louise Akers SC)

(opinion) The best choice for pope? A nun. by E.J. Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post

(book review) Nuns of Adventure by Margaret Regan on Tucson Weekly (review of Across God’s Frontiers: Catholic Sisters in the American West, 1850-1920  by Anne M. Butler)

(letter to the editor) Conservative rules could help nuns by Charles Mills in the Long Island Newsday

(cartoon) New Pope? by Ken Siers in the Charlotte Observer

(blog) Wanted by American nuns: A pope who listens to and appreciates female leadership by Lisa Miller on On Faith at Washington Post

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