10.29.2012 Sister News Monday

(article) Convent tends to aging nuns by Anita Creamer in the Sacramento Bee

(article) ‘Nuns on the Bus’ stop in Reston by Marilyn Silvey in the Reston Patch

(blog) Heaven-Stormers Unafraid of Storm Sandy! by Elizabeth Scalia on The Anchoress at Patheos

(blog) You’ve got to hear this by Greg Kandra on The Deacon’s Bench at Patheos

Thank you to all who sent in suggestions for today’s posting. If you find something of interest, please send it – with links – to Sister News at contactsisternews@gmail.com.  Some additional information and links that do not make it onto this website are posted on the Sister News Facebook page, and you can also follow Sister News on Twitter.

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