10.3.2012 Sister News Midweek

(article)  Pennsylvania Voter ID: Retired Nuns Criticize Law As ‘Very Unkind‘ by John Celock on the Huffington Post

(blog) Nuns on the Ferry by Robert Sullivan in The New Yorker

(blog) Conservative Catholic Nuns: Contraception Can Make Men Gay by John M. Becker on Truth Wins Out

(photo blog) Nestled in the Projects and Nourishing Souls by Corey Kilgannon (photography by Ruth Fremson) in the New York Times

(TV segment) Nuns get involved in the battle for the White House on Fox News  (7:25 video, starts automatically)

Thank you to all who sent in suggestions for today’s posting. If you find something of interest, please send it – with links – to Sister News at contactsisternews@gmail.com.  Some additional information and links that do not make it onto this website are posted on the Sister News Facebook page, and you can also follow Sister News on Twitter.

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