8.9.2012 Sister News Thursday Blog Edition

(blog) Futurist Addresses LCWR Assembly by Ann Carey in the National Catholic Register

(blog) Nun leaders believe most sisters don’t want to submit to Vatican oversight by Michelle Boorstein in the Washington Post

(blog) Vatican Battles With Catholic Women: Fight With Religious Group Will Help Catholicism by Therese Postel on PolicyMic

(blog) Lies, Damned Lies, and Sister-tistics by Joanne McPortland on Egregious Twaddle at Patheos

(blog)  Liberal women’s religious orders aren’t worse off. Or are they? by Phil Lawler on Catholic Culture

(blog)  Nuns vs. Vatican Rivalry Pops in St. Louis by Pat Imig on InsideSTL

(blog) ‘The Struggle Over Women’s Authority Runs Right Through the Body of Christ’ by Rose Marie Berger on her eponymous blog

(blog) Nuns Challenge Romney To Spend A Day With Them To Learn About Plight Of America’s Poor by Travis Waldron on Think Progress

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