8.8.2012 Sister News Midweek

(article) Reality Check: A fact-based assessment of U.S. religious life by Mary Johnson SNDdeN and Patricia Wittberg SC in America Magazine

(article) LCWR past presidents reflect on Vatican mandate by Joshua J. McElwee in the National Catholic Reporter

(article) U.S. nuns meet to decide how to respond to Vatican rebuke by Mary Wisniewski from Reuters Edition: International

(blog) Nuns of America Unite by Jeff Schweitzer on the Huffington Post

(blog) U.S. nuns meet to discuss Vatican criticism, their affiliation with Rome by Michelle Boorstein in the Washington Post

(blog) Sisters: Open the Doors by Kristine Ward on Examining the Crisis at National Catholic Reporter

(blog) LCWR: No “dialogue” about discussion about sexual abuse by nuns… by Richard Jacobs OSA in The American Catholic

(blog) LCWR Orders Receiving “Almost Equal” Numbers of Vocations as CMSWR Orders. by James Martin, S.J. on In All Things at America Magazine

(send a message) LCWR Messages of Support 

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