8.3.2012 Sister News Friday

(article) US nuns consider response to Vatican censure by Rachel Zoll in the Pioneer Press

(article) Vatican showdown the latest chapter in Sister Pat Farrell’s dramatic life by David Gibson in the Washington Post

(article) Bishops winning support, Obama winning votes in fight for Catholics by By Mitchell Landsberg in the Los Angeles Times

(opinion) Are these sisters dangerous women? by Patrick T. Reardon in the National Catholic Reporter

(commentary) Bishop Leonard Blair Takes on the LCWR by Donna F. Bethell in the National Catholic Register

(video) Sr. Simone Campbell  Speaks Out on Tax Credits (5:25 minute video)

(blog) What the Vatican should learn from corporate America by Al Gini on The Bez at WBEZ 91.5 Chicago Public Media

(blog) Invincible ignorance and the bishops by Phyllis Zagano on Just Catholic at National Catholic Reporter

(blog) A seamless garment: The Vatican, the LCWR, and U.S. Catholic higher education… by Richard Jacobs OSA on The American Catholic

(blog) The Spotlight on St. Louis by Ken Briggs on NCR Today in the National Catholic Reporter

(blog) More than 30 vigils planned nationwide in support of LCWR by Alice Popovici on Sisters Under Scrutiny at National Catholic Reporter

(events) Vigil Locations on NunJustice.org

(send a message) LCWR Messages of Support 

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