7.23.2012 Sister News Monday

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(reminder) Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo will be giving an interview tomorrow about the Doctrinal Assessment of LCWR on the NPR show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross. NPR will broadcast the program (barring any major news event that would shift the schedule) tomorrow,  Tuesday, July 24.  Fresh Air is broadcast on more than 450 NPR stations across the country. If you are not sure when it airs in your local area, you can obtain that information here. You can also listen to the show online. The show is usually posted after 3 PM ET on the day it is broadcast.

(column) Obama represents good Catholic values by Patricia Miller OSF in the Des Moines Register

(blog) Sr Patricia Miller in op-ed canonizes St. Obama for his respect for religious liberty. No, really.  by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does the Prayer Really Say?

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