4.21.2012 A Spectrum of Opinion

Thank you to those who sent in suggestions for today’s posting. If you find an item of interest, please send the link to us at contactsisternews@gmail.com.

4.21.4012 (blog) The Need for a positive counter-narrative of religious involvement in feminism by Ivy Helmanon Feminism and Religion

4.19.2012(blog) Moving beyond the Church? The CDF and the LCWR by Mollie Wilson O’Reilly  – on dotCommonweal

4.19.2012 (blog) LCWR, the SSPX and the Vatican; Fun Times in Catholicland by Elizabeth Scalia – on Patheos

4.20.2012 (opinion) Catholic Bishops’ double message by E.J. Dionne - in the Washington Post

4.20.2012(interview) Notre Dame historian Scott Appleby says Vatican crackdown on nuns ‘inappropriate and humiliating’  – full interview from WSBT TV (video – 10:04 minutes)

4.20.2012(interview)  Leader of ‘radical’ US nuns rejects Vatican criticism – BBC News interview of Sister Simone Campbell (video – 3:59 minutes)

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